First English language, also known as FES, is one of my favourite subjects in the Foundation Programme because I find it is the easiest one.

In the first term of the year we exercised mostly our writing and speaking skills. We had many discussions which helped us speak more fluent as well as many different class activities which enriched our overall English knowledge. The teacher knew exactly how to entertain us and at the same time make us do work and study. In the following term, FESwas the preparation for the English test IELTS which we had to take in order to go to university. Also we had to do four in-class assignments which formed our final mark for the second term. This was easy as we already had good writing skills, but passing the exam was the hard part. Fortunately I did well and was looking forward for the last term, which I later found was the most interesting one. The term topic was British culture and the most challenging part was the 1500 word essay[1] which we had to write about it. However the homework tasks and other coursework seemed to be very easy, probably because there was nothing we hadn’t already learnt.

I really enjoy studying English in Bellerbys College because so far this has improved my English in all areas and has helped me better understand the British society.


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